McDonalds told – Pay Workers’ Breaks or Pay Fines

by WRA

McDonalds told – Pay Workers’ Breaks or Pay Fines

Source & photo from: ABC NEWS

Over the last 12 months, Australians have witnessed some significant wage theft cases by some of the country’s biggest employers, including 7 Eleven; Coles and Grill’d.

McDonald’s is the latest corporate employer to be caught in an underpaid wages scandal – this time for not allowing its 250,000 young casual employees to take their 10-minute break every 4 hours.

The Union representing Mcdonald’s young casual employees has filed a $250m compensation claim in the Australian Federal Court on behalf of those workers who consistently denied their entitlement to 10-minute breaks at Mc Donald franchises across the nation.

In some cases, young employees were offered a free soft drink to continue working and not take their 10-minute break.  This not only means young workers were working an extra 20 minutes per shift and not being paid for it, but also raises issues about staff burn-out, fatigue, and related workplace health and safety problems.

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