What is Discrimination?

Comprehensive anti-discrimination laws operate at the Commonwealth level and in every Australian state and territory. These laws are designed to protect all people who are working in Australia from any kind of discrimination in the workplace.

The Anti-Discrimination Act provides that it is illegal for anyone to discriminate against another in the workplace on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sex, sexual preference/identity/harassment, impairment, pregnancy, breast feeding, cultural heritage and a range of other factors.

If you are being discriminated against you can file a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Commission in your state or territory – sometimes called the Human Rights Commission. Such complaints are investigated and often can be resolved during a conciliation or mediation between the parties.

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1. Have you suffered some form of discrimination from another person at work?

2. Does it fit within any of the categories listed above – race, age, gender, impairment, etc?

3. Did the discrimination occur at, in, or because of your workplace/employment?

4. Were you being treated differently to the way others were treated at work?

5. Have you made a complaint about this behaviour to your employer – if not why?

6. Is the discrimination ongoing?

7. Has the discrimination affected your work, emotions, self-esteem – if so how?

8. Do you want to make a complaint to the independent umpire to resolve this dispute?

9. What would a resolution look like for you?

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