What is meaning of Unpaid Wages?

Unpaid wages, underpaid wages and wages theft are an increasing hazard for workers in Australia. The recent prosecution of major corporations such as 7 Eleven, Woolworths, Grill’d and others have drawn attention to this issue.

Without doubt the vast majority of Australian employers abide by the rules and want to ensure that their employees are being properly remunerated. Sadly, it is the conduct of a small minority of employers who under pay or avoid payment requirements that cause financial hardship for their employees.

In Australia there are numerous ‘Awards’ which set down the pay rates, penalties, overtime, and related salary and wages amounts and conditions for a broad range of industries. In addition to these, the National Employment Standards place obligations on employers about wages and conditions, pay rates and the like.

If you think you are not being paid the correct award wage, or that you are being underpaid – you may have a legal claim against your employer and you may be entitled to compensation.

Work Rights Australia provides affordable professional help to workers in their greatest time of need. We provide capped fee pricing – a full suite of professional advocacy and support services - and an obligation free 40-minute telephone consultation to discuss and analyse your case as soon as you have completed and submitted our Intake Form. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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1. Are you a wage or salary earner?

2. Are you supplied with regular (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) pay slips or pay advice?

3. Have you checked the amounts on your payslip to ensure they are accurate?

4. Early intervention is possible by speaking with your payroll section at work.

5. If you think your wages are stolen/under paid – you may have a claim.

6. To progress your claim an application must be filed and served on your employer.

7. You will need detailed calculations, proof of payments, and any alleged shortfalls.

8. These matters can often settle during a conciliation/mediation of your dispute.

9. If you must go to hearing – we have a dedicated team of professionals to help you.

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