What is Workplace Bullying?

Australian workplaces are required by law to be safe places – where employees can go about their business in safety and harmony. This includes being free from bullying, harassment, intimidation and/or victimisation in the workplace.

If you are being bullied or harassed or threatened at work, you have a right to make a complaint to your employer and ask that such behaviour is stopped and that the bully is disciplined or otherwise dealt with.

Your employer, once contacted, is required by law to investigate these types of complaint and to take all necessary steps to ensure that the workplace is safe, and that you are able to attend work and perform your duties – free from bullying and harassment.

If the employer fails in this obligation (sometimes called a ‘duty of care’) you have a right to lodge an application for a ‘Stop Bullying’ order.

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1. Are you employed by an employer which has a ‘Code of Conduct’?

2. Does the Code of Conduct specify that workplace bullying will not be tolerated?

3. Bullying is defined as repeated acts of unreasonable behaviour.

4. To prove ‘repeated acts’ you may need to keep a diary of bullying conduct.

5. To prove bullying, you must be able to show an ongoing risk of workplace injury.

6. Once notified of your complaint, your employer is required by law to intervene.

7. Where the employer fails or refuses to take action – you may have a claim.

8. An application for a ‘Stop Bullying’ order can be made on your behalf.

9. At WRA, we have a team of advisors ready to advocate and represent you.

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